My artwork reflects my love of an impressionistic style rendered with contemporary mixed media techniques.  I enjoy adding elements of abstraction into the development of the painting to add a fresh, contemporary feel.  Using mixed media processes and tools  allows me to explore this space by adding texture and layers in my paintings using traditional brushes as well a variety of creative tools.  I also create my own collage pieces to add subtle dimension to my paintings.

Water and the natural world is often a theme of my art. I seek to express what a particular moment or time meant to me, whether it was rich and intense, or subtle and lingering. The colors I use in my artwork represent that experience, mood or memory I am trying to convey.   My photos capture these moments but I rely on my imagination to bring it to life.

My pond next to the lanai is what I see first each morning and I’m already inspired!

A number of years ago I reignited my desire to create art by attending a painting workshop in Italy. I can’t describe how it felt to finally finally rekindle a desire that was always inside me. However, career and family took priority until I moved to Sarasota and began to truly fulfill this need. I am delighted to be living in an area where a thriving art community gives me the opportunity to grow as an artist as well as paint with and learn from well-respected artists.  My studio is within the Artists at Oak Park Hub in the Jill Krasner Gallery.  Here I have the space and opportunity to paint, explore and share the journey with other artists.

It’s hard to describe how wonderful it is to get up every morning and do something one passionately loves. As an artist, I can only hope that the pieces of me that are in every painting resonate with you, the art lover.

Please reach out to me at Contact me and I will respond to you as quickly as I can.

Exhibitions and Galleries

2023     Women in Contemporary Art, Juried Member Show, Manatee Art Center

2022      Women in Contemporary Art, Ringling Stulberg Gallery, Juried Member Show

2022      Manatee Art Center, Annual Juried Member Show – First Place.

2020      Manatee Art Center, Create! Juried Show,  Bradenton, FL

2020      National Art Exhibition, Juried, Visual Arts Center, Punta Gorda, FL

2019       Art Center Sarasota Center, New View Juried Show, Sarasota, FL

2019       Manatee Art Center, Fall Juried Art Show, Bradenton, FL

2019       Uptown Art Gallery, Annual Juried Art Show, Sarasota, FL  – Honorable Mention,

2019       Manatee Art Center, Artworks Juried Exhibition, Bradenton, FL

2019       Manatee Art Center, Annual Juried Member Show, Bradenton, FL  –  Honorable Mention,

2019       Sarasota Art Center, Annual Juried Member Show, Sarasota, FL

Current    Jill Krasner Gallery and Studio, Sarasota, FL (current)